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We Are Rebels

People Powered

From taking your call to setting up an event, we put people first. We know that as a vendor, our crew are a representation of you and your clients, and we never want you to worry about bringing us to sensitive locations. We always strive to exceed expectations, with crew who are presented with training and mentorship opportunities and who perform with the highest level of care and professionalism. 

Technical Experience

With foundations built in technical departments, we provide a perspective that goes beyond the concept, and into the concrete. It's our passion to integrate technology with our clients' creative needs by comparing emerging and established technologies to find the best fit for your budget and design. Our team also brings extensive knowledge of local venues to provide solutions specific to your space.

Detail Oriented

We put care and consideration into everything we do. Whether considering guest flow and the entrance experience, or planning a design around access to power and the size of a freight elevator, we always examine the little things so that you can focus on the big picture. Our documentation is clear and consistent, making it easy to identify potential problems early with detailed technical plans and renders.

Time Focused

In an industry always on the go, we know how to meet deadlines. Your time is important, so we’re always ready to take action at a moment’s notice. From proposal dates and client meetings, to being in tune with an event schedule and the all-important “doors”, we budget our time to keep you on track. Our team is experienced in coordinating with multiple departments to efficiently execute even the most aggressive schedules. 

Environmentally Aware

We believe that little steps can add up to great change, and have made it our mission to create environmentally friendly options that fit our clients’ needs. From the first event concept our priority is to source from local vendors, saving you money and eliminating unnecessary shipping emissions. When custom elements are an absolute must, we’ll work to recycle or repurpose materials post event to help keep your name (and your client’s) out of the landfill.

In addition, we recognize the importance that pollinators have in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to memorable food and beverage menus. We are creating community initiatives to educate and encourage habitat and population growth in bees, and it’s with your support and events that we and pollinators can continue to grow.

My Story

Upon volunteering for a community festival in high school I discovered a group of people I had never known existed – the “stage faeries”. Working behind the scenes and often throughout the night to bring events to life in vibrant colour and booming sound, I quickly became enchanted by the precision and creativity behind the different designs.

Driven by a passion to learn, I began to expand my network and work with various technical departments, eventually finding fulfillment with the creativity of lighting design. Working with various technical departments and styles of event has given me a unique strength and insight to more seamlessly integrate with vendors and anticipate challenges before they arise.

After graduating I moved to Vancouver and was treated to a unique and special experience through the closeness local companies have with each other. We are a large market in a small community, and we share suppliers, crews, and venues in a way that builds a sense of family and unity, shaping a positive experience as we work towards common event goals.

In 2017, I felt a disconnect between my values and the priorities of existing employers. Knowing the only way to fully support my clients and co-workers would be by starting something new, I founded Rebelux Creative.

I am so proud that I can bring passion and experience to every event I work with, while creating a platform to give back to the community and the environment. In both my personal and professional life I seek to push the limits while learning and exploring new things. 

Contact me before your next event and let's design something beautiful!

- Jennifer Winter, Founder

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Our office is wherever you are!

Our specialty is the Vancouver, British Columbia region, but with trusted partners across Canada and the United States, no event is too far. 


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